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Dark Roast, Heavy Body, Smooth


  • Sumatra Mandheling coffee has a syrupy body with hints of chocolate and brown sugar. It is well-known for its smooth and full-bodied flavor that is both earthy and complex.
  • Great full bodied dark roast, without acid bite
  • Unique earthy taste, distinct from more acidic (Kenya, Ethiopian) and stronger dark roasts (Nicaraguan, Costa Rican)

Subtle Taste Notes

  • Earthy
  • Smoky
  • Sweet


  • Whole bean and med/med-fine ground
  • Good with most brew systems, especially great as pour over, some like as earthy French Press
  • Great for ice coffee, cold brew if paired with light roast
  • Great anytime, but especially good afternoon and evening for a quiet and contemplative sip
  • Great gift for new coffee explorers having new tastes but not radical change from mainstream coffees


  • Sumatra, Mandheling (North Sumatra area)
  • Processed through ‘wet hulling’, produce coffees with muted flavors and aromas and known for full bodies and low acidity
  • Named after the Mandheling Tribe that inhabits the area

Strong earthy flavor, low acid

100% Arabica Coffee

32oz (904g)

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