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Italian Style Espresso


  • Blended for a very flavorful but low acid experience, with citrus notes and medium complexity
  • Remarkable for it’s smooth finish and carries well in lattes and iced drinks
  • Produces nice crema with appropriate settings, and great mouthfeel with pleasant linger
  • Europeans, especially Italian guests, have remarked that this is “the best espresso they’ve had in America!”

Subtle Taste Notes

  • Citrus
  • Floral
  • Nutty


  • Best ground fine and extracted with espresso system
  • We do 10 grams for single, and 18 grams for our ‘double shots’, with doubles being the “single’ at the Beach Café. So, if you order a double, know you’re really getting a ‘Double-Double’
  • Can be used in drip systems but grind medium/coarse and experiment with ratios (not recommended, but sometimes you have to use what you have!)


  • Central and South American Blend
  • Roasted to an espresso finish, dark and very slight moist look
  • Honed to perfection by our Master Roaster over his 25+ years of roasting

Full Bodied, Complex, Rich with Sweet-Citrus Finish

100% Arabica Coffee

32oz (904g)

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